Empowering Events for High Vibe Female Entrepreneurs

Not your average networking events.

Imagine a room where every voice is amplified, where no one is made to feel small, and everyone’s achievements are celebrated. At High Vibe Women, we’ve created just that. Our events are built on the principles of inclusivity and genuine connection, where meaningful relationships thrive.

For entrepreneurs.

By entrepreneurs.

When Kristina & Maria founded The Social Snippet in 2021, they had no idea what was to come. As their business quickly grew and they were overwhelmed by the everyday demands, Kristina & Maria soon learned the power of surrounding themselves with like minded female entrepreneurs. Now, they’ve decided to create the rooms they always wish existed here in Canada.

You belong here if:

  • You are a female entrepreneur looking for genuine community

  • You believe in community over competition, at your core

  • You’re looking for a community of women where you can be seen, heard and understood for exactly who you are, without a fear of being judged

  • You want others to succeed just as much as you want to succeed

  • You are looking for connections and introductions to people and programs that can help you in business and in life

What The Women Are Saying

"High Vibe Women is the community I never knew I needed. The connections, friendships, real conversations, and diverse perspectives they offer are essential. Being part of a community of like-minded Canadian women is refreshing. Plus, the bonus is that some of these incredible women are just an hour's drive away for in-person meetings. These lasting relationships enrich both personal and professional life. If you seek to enhance your network, join High Vibe Women."

- Heather

"The High Vibe Women events never disappoint! There is something extremely powerful about being in a room with inspiring and motivated women. You connect on a personal and professional level. I always leave with my soul filled and my cup overflowing. Looking forward to attending many more!"

- Lesia

“What I enjoy most about the High Vibe events is that they’re FUN. I’ve never had so much fun networking while also connecting with REAL people. The energy is so positive and I always leave feeling like I’ve made new friends and am more inspired in my business”

- Jenn