The Collab Party!

Join Us For...
Discover the power of aligned collaborations at this in-person event featuring an expert panel and live podcast recording.
Community over competition? That’s old news.

We’ve officially entered THE COLLABORATION ERA.

A time of unlocking limitless opportunities through dreamy, aligned partnerships. Perfect for entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses and expand their impact – with ease, joy and a whole lot more fun.

Gone are the days of trying to do it all by yourself.

(That sh*t is isolating and just plain exhausting).

No more doom scrolling that leaves you ready to burn your business to the ground.

What if instead of comparing, you focused on collaborating?

What if instead of envy, you felt expansion?

Imagine what would happen if you were to team up with the other brilliant minds in your space…

The possibilities really are endless.

And you're invited!

This is exactly the kind of magic that inspired us to co-create THE COLLAB PARTY.

Join us for an intimate, collaborative experience -

an in-person panel and podcast event co-hosted by Kristina Bartold (of The Social Snippet & High Vibe Women) and Carly Ottaway (of Web of Words & the Power Couples dinner series).


Thursday, May 23rd from 10am-2pm

EventMrkt, Newmarket, ON


High vibe women and men(!) looking
to build powerful partnerships and
leave a lasting impact.

What To Expect:

12pm: Q&A

12:30pm: Delicious lunch is served.

1/1:30pm: Collaborations, connections and content creation.

10am: Doors open. Coffee & connections.

10:30am: Let’s talk power partnerships.

11am: The Collab Party Panel!

More details to come.

Meet the Collab Party Panel

Jennifer Richardson,
Cold Community North

Dana Clark,
Cool To Connect

Starting her entrepreneurial journey in 2016, Dana founded a global social impact movement, Heroic Humans, with the mission to inspire, celebrate and empower Heroic members of our communities. Heroic Humans hosts events, panels, and a podcast to elevate everyday heroes' stories, voices and personal journeys. Driven by those experiences, Dana founded Cool To Connect, a lifestyle brand on a mission to make connection, cool. Cool To Connect develops modern and impactful products to enhance connection in cool, yet classic ways in our day-to-day lives. This ever-growing brand specializes in decks of conversation and connection prompts, guided journals, connection events, facilitation and more.

Jennifer Richardson is a passionate advocate for holistic wellness, specializing in cold exposure facilitation, mood coaching, and holistic nutrition. With a background in registered holistic nutrition, Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice, empowering individuals to optimize their physical and mental well-being. Through her unique approach, she helps clients embrace the benefits of cold exposure, unlock their potential through mood coaching, and nourish their bodies with holistic nutrition strategies. Jennifer is dedicated to guiding others on their journey to holistic health, offering insights and tools to support lasting transformation.

Aka the queens of collaboration.
These powerhouse entrepreneurs know how to take biz collaborations to a whole other level.

Meet Your Co-Hosts (Oh hey, that’s us!)

Kristina Bartold-Sorgota,
The Social Snippet /
High Vibe Women

Carley Ottaway,
Web of Words

Carly is a journalist turned copywriter and co-owner of creative agency Web of Words. She gets fired up about helping entrepreneurs and brands lead with their intuition, expand their impact online through the power of community, and articulate their stories with purpose.

Kristina Bartold-Sorgota, co-founder and CEO of The Social Snippet, leverages nearly a decade of social media expertise to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses in community growth through online platforms and podcasts. Passionate about combining coaching experience with social strategy, Kristina hosts the Build Your Digital Community podcast, coaches business owners for growth, and organizes events for local female entrepreneurs through High Vibe Women.